The Wednesday Afternoon Post Vol. 2


The first edition of “The Wednesday Afternoon Post” was such lovely mid-week surprise for me! A real burst of energy, if I’m honest. I had so many people write me and let me know that they found it to be a simple and joyful break from their day – something that sparked a smile.

That’s exactly why I did it!

So, here we are. Volume 2. Grab your hot tea and let’s get to it!

  • My husband and I finally bit the bullet and purchased a family plan for Spotify. We both could sit for hourssssss and build custom playlists, so this is perfect for our home. We just started, so we haven’t done much yet, but give us time. Soon we will have a perfectly curated list for every moment, season, and event in your life. THIS was the first list I created, obviously. My love for 1960s music knows no bounds.
  • Speaking of music, THIS is my favorite soundtrack of all time. Ironically, I’ve never seen the actual movie.
  •  Are there any “Little Women” fans visiting? Well, if you haven’t heard already, the BBC debuted a remake of the classic novel and it’s already aired across the pond. Us Yankees must wait until May. Can I share my excitement about this? My daughters and I read the book two years ago and even as a 5 and 8 year olds, they were absolutely delighted by Alcott’s poetic and captivating writing. What a gift this book (and hopefully miniseries) is! Visit HERE for a trailer, HERE for my favorite recent edition of Alcott’s masterpiece, and HERE for one of my favorite quotes from the book….on a mug! For coffee (another of my favorite things!)


  • My favorite viral video of last year was, hands down, THIS one. I mean, if that doesn’t perfectly sum up the life of a parent, I’m not sure what does. The mom sliding into the room and trying to close the door on the down-low is just icing on the cake. The following video is popping up everywhere and while it’s only adorable because she isn’t my child…I feel she accurately depicts how I feel about the following items: 1.) sleep, 2.) coffee, 3.) Diet Coke and 4.) date nights. I understand her anguish.
  • This post about the last farmhouse in Manhattan is tops! It makes me history-loving heart go pitter-patter. This destination will be at the top of my itinerary, whenever I make it back to the Big Apple. The website this post is found on is pretty lovely as well – full of curiosities and obscure goodness!
  • Can I make one recommendation to anyone who is in desperate need of a hearty laugh session? Like LAUGH OUT LOUD?! Buy either THIS or THIS, grab some popcorn, and settle in for a night of sheer happiness. Sean and I watched one and were falling off the couch in tears. He’s so good. And sometimes I think us adults forget to laugh. Here’s a preview (incidentally, also my parenting method:)


I hope this post finds you enjoying your Wednesday and I look forward to sharing more next week. I’m off to brew my afternoon coffee and stare out the window at the gloom that’s settled over Southern California.