For the love of books // Frankie’s Favorites


I love sharing the books that are special to each of my daughters. They gravitate to different genres and illustrators, and it’s a constant reminder that children are so unique in their interests. It’s a true joy to discover what books put that twinkle in their eye – I love seeing them light up when they bring me a book to read for the MILLIONTH time. I try to remember that one day they will not need or want me to read to them quite as much…’s a gift to be able to do so!

I thought I would share Frankie’s favorite books first, simply because they are always laying around, they are super colorful, and she is extremely consistent in her choices. She loves the same books and focuses on the details of the illustrations and words – she knows (and points out) when I make a mistake while reading, and she has tried to copy the drawings from each one, many times.

Frankie loves vibrant color, one-of-a-kind illustrators, and zippy story lines. If it’s not original, it’s not for her. There are several that didn’t make it into the photo (simply because they were in her bed and she has a huge bunk bed that I didn’t feel like climbing up) but these are her go-to’s. She’s almost 8 years old, but most of these have been on her nightstand for up to 4 years. She’s a creature of habit and knows what she likes. And I like that about her.

Without further adieu, here are “Frankie’s Favorites”:

Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman – it’s quirky and bizarre.

Walter the Baker – She ADORES the illustrations of Eric Carle; so colorful!

The Day the Crayons Came Home – if there is humor and a touch of sass, it’s for Frankie!

Whistle for Willie – Ezra Jack Keats is her favorite author, hands down. We have his entire works and each one is beautiful.

Caps For Sale – it’s a classic for a reason.

Ferdinand – long before the movie released, Frankie loved the part about him sitting on a bee.

What Will The Weather Be Like Today – not sure the specific reason she loves this, but I think it has to do with the intricate drawings and small details.

A Bad Case Of Stripes – the drawings are so colorful and the story is pretty funny too.

The Little Prince – she adores this and has since the first time I read it to her, when she was five.

The Tiny Seed – again, the illustrations of E. Carle are abstract and flowing. She loves this story so much.

Not in picture:

Ox-Cart Man – I believe this is a book she will go back to over and over again, even in adulthood. It’s just that good.

The Jesus StoryBook Bible – her favorite story is about Joseph and his coat of many colors. She has drawn it at least 50 times.

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt – this was her first dabble with graphic books/comics. She thinks it’s hilarious.

The Teacher’s Pet – she thinks it’s HILARIOUS when books say “fart.” (eyeroll from mom) + the illustrations in this book are AMAZING (IMO.)

Annie and the Old One – this one made her cry.

Wait for William – we have a very vintage copy that she adores. The parade is adorable.

The Story of Ping – Frankie is fascinated with ANYthing even remotely associated with the Asian culture.

I hope this gives you some exciting ideas for lovely picture books – they would all make wonderful additions to your home library!


book list 2017 // something for everyone


Every.Single.Christmas.Season I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what gifts to give. I really do enjoy buying the perfect gift for my loved ones – something special that will uniquely fit a person’s personality and interests.

I had a flashbulb moment this year (and I’m not sure why on earth I hadn’t thought of this earlier). I was blow-drying my hair (when all my best ideas happen) and I thought, “This is the year of books! Everyone gets a book!” It’s a pretty perfect idea – I adore literature, and there really is a book for every person – opening a world of new ideas, opinions and thoughts. Books grow and teach us. They soften us. They are the perfect, thought-filled gift.

This year, in between shopping for my friends and family at the bookstore, I decided to also compile a book list for you. As with any booklist, mine is obviously not exhaustive. Many of the books dearest to me don’t even appear. It pained me to not include each and every amazing title that I’ve enjoyed or gleaned from, but it’s just not possible!

The books I selected have been read by me this year, or are those that I pick when asked for a suggestion in that specific category. It doesn’t mean they are the only suitable choices, simply my go-to’s and ones that have proved perfectly fitting. There are at least another 30+ I could add for each category (and hundreds more for history lovers, educators and children!) Alas, that wouldn’t help you much, would it? To that end, I endeavored to keep my selections to a minimum.

Again, there are so many others I wanted to add, and if you need additional selections, contact me! I’d love to help you find the exact book you are searching for.

ENJOY and here’s to reading!

Note: There is much crossover amongst the categories. Please take a look at each, for you might find something that suits a completely different person than suspected!



For the student of theology and religious study:

For the homeschool mother:

For the sports lover:

For the new-ish Elementary school reader:

For the the food & feast lover/entertainer in your life:

For the political junkie and social issues aficionado:

For the science-fiction/fantasy lover:

For the hurting or grieving:

For the dad who doesn’t have enough time to read:

For your husband:

For the exhausted mom:

For the classically-inclined young lady:

For the middle schooler who isn’t completely won over by current YA fiction:

For the young one in the family (picture books and short read-alouds):

For the skeptic:

For the eagerly-growing Christian:

For the history buff:

For the poetry/short story/essay lover:

For the older and wiser women in your life:

For your grandparent:

For that adorable pre-schooler in your family:

For the fiction-reader:

For your sister:

For the family who loves to read aloud together:

For the education-lover:


I hope this list proves beneficial. I had a wonderful time compiling it for you.

Merry Christmas!