Reformation Day // 500 years


While everyone is passing out Snickers and hot glue-gunning the last detail on their child’s costume, I’m over here celebrating the 500th anniversary of Reformation Day. Before I even truly understood the importance of Luther, his 95 Theses, and Wittenberg, I had been looking for a way out of Halloween. I don’t care for it much. It rubs me the wrong way, and so when I began my journey through Reformed theology, and learned more about Reformation Day, I thought, “This couldn’t be more perfect!” Of course, that’s very self-serving, but hey….it’s a bonus, that’s for sure! Simply put, the fact that Luther turned religiosity on its head, and bravely called out impurities, needless tradition and abuse, from within the Roman Catholic church, is just so maverick. He wasn’t joking around and didn’t give a flying fig what anyone thought. He’s my kind of guy. We need more people who are bold like that. Especially now.

There are many articles/books/posts out there that will educate you on Martin Luther, Reformed theology, the importance of the 95 Theses, the SOLAS, and the differences between Protestantism vs. Catholicism. I won’t endeavor to write anything revolutionary on the topic because, if I’m honest, I’m not yet qualified. While I am certainly a “cradle Christian” and can handily defeat anyone in a game of Bible Trivia, I’m only a few years into my serious research and study of the Word and theology. I have a long way to go, and I’m grateful for that. Instead of penning my own thoughts, I’ll share some edifying resources and fun links. This should help you get into the spirit of celebration.

Happy Reformation Day and Soli Deo Gloria!

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