I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Rachel and I’m first and foremost a believer in Jesus Christ, so that will season much of what I discuss here – but don’t run for the hills if we don’t share the same belief system – I’d still love to talk with you. We all have something to learn, and that includes me.

I’m married to my very best friend and high school sweetheart, Sean. I’m sure I’ll go overboard talking about him too. Pretty sure I will bore someone with discussions about our three daughters, and how we homeschool. Or my juvenile excitement with history and antiquities. I also really get into theology and have an unhealthy fixation on cheese.

I apologize if this bio sounds like every other mommy blogger bio out there, but I did my best.

I’m working on three hours sleep, seven cups of coffee, and a severe case of “all I had for dinner was my kids leftover macaroni and cheese”.

Stick around.