For the love of books // Frankie’s Favorites


I love sharing the books that are special to each of my daughters. They gravitate to different genres and illustrators, and it’s a constant reminder that children are so unique in their interests. It’s a true joy to discover what books put that twinkle in their eye – I love seeing them light up when they bring me a book to read for the MILLIONTH time. I try to remember that one day they will not need or want me to read to them quite as much…’s a gift to be able to do so!

I thought I would share Frankie’s favorite books first, simply because they are always laying around, they are super colorful, and she is extremely consistent in her choices. She loves the same books and focuses on the details of the illustrations and words – she knows (and points out) when I make a mistake while reading, and she has tried to copy the drawings from each one, many times.

Frankie loves vibrant color, one-of-a-kind illustrators, and zippy story lines. If it’s not original, it’s not for her. There are several that didn’t make it into the photo (simply because they were in her bed and she has a huge bunk bed that I didn’t feel like climbing up) but these are her go-to’s. She’s almost 8 years old, but most of these have been on her nightstand for up to 4 years. She’s a creature of habit and knows what she likes. And I like that about her.

Without further adieu, here are “Frankie’s Favorites”:

Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman – it’s quirky and bizarre.

Walter the Baker – She ADORES the illustrations of Eric Carle; so colorful!

The Day the Crayons Came Home – if there is humor and a touch of sass, it’s for Frankie!

Whistle for Willie – Ezra Jack Keats is her favorite author, hands down. We have his entire works and each one is beautiful.

Caps For Sale – it’s a classic for a reason.

Ferdinand – long before the movie released, Frankie loved the part about him sitting on a bee.

What Will The Weather Be Like Today – not sure the specific reason she loves this, but I think it has to do with the intricate drawings and small details.

A Bad Case Of Stripes – the drawings are so colorful and the story is pretty funny too.

The Little Prince – she adores this and has since the first time I read it to her, when she was five.

The Tiny Seed – again, the illustrations of E. Carle are abstract and flowing. She loves this story so much.

Not in picture:

Ox-Cart Man – I believe this is a book she will go back to over and over again, even in adulthood. It’s just that good.

The Jesus StoryBook Bible – her favorite story is about Joseph and his coat of many colors. She has drawn it at least 50 times.

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt – this was her first dabble with graphic books/comics. She thinks it’s hilarious.

The Teacher’s Pet – she thinks it’s HILARIOUS when books say “fart.” (eyeroll from mom) + the illustrations in this book are AMAZING (IMO.)

Annie and the Old One – this one made her cry.

Wait for William – we have a very vintage copy that she adores. The parade is adorable.

The Story of Ping – Frankie is fascinated with ANYthing even remotely associated with the Asian culture.

I hope this gives you some exciting ideas for lovely picture books – they would all make wonderful additions to your home library!


5 Replies to “For the love of books // Frankie’s Favorites”

  1. My nine year old still brings me Caps for Sale. He’ll read chapter books (required for school) but he has favorite picture books and would rather read about 10 of them than one chapter book. (His favorite is This is Not My Hat). The other day I shared with him your Instagram talk about how certain books are great no matter your age because he feels bad about it sometimes and sometimes you need to hear it from someone other than mom. Anyway, love her favs. They are some of our too!!


    1. This is wonderful, Kate! And your son should feel proud that he hasn’t lost his imagination – so many kids think that books aren’t “cool” because they haven’t been allowed to dream and imagine. The BEST authors in the world thought up tall tales and stories for children because they never grew up, in that way! I love that your son still hasn’t! It’s a gift!


  2. Frankie has some pretty great taste. I love David Shannon and Eric Carle. Ferdinand is my husband’s favorite. The Tiny Seed was a HUGE favorite of my kiddos and my nine year old *still* will ask me to read Caps for Sale.

    He’d much rather read 10 picture books than one chapter book (he will read those for school – they tend to be required – but he loves a good picture book). His all time favorite is “This is Not my Hat”, it’s one of my favorites too. It makes me smile.


  3. So many wonderful books on this list! We just read Jan Brett’s book Daisy Comes Home…it was inspired by a trip to China and her favorite picture book…Ping! It is a sweet book with Jan Brett’s signature detailed illustrations. I think you girls would love it.


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