lost in pages


To get lost in a book – is there anything better?

Inside their bindings, I find hope and wonder and emotions I didn’t know I had.

In all honesty, books have been some of the most true and faithful friends I have even known. I don’t read for leisure, I read to feel something and to become something. Leisure appears and washes over me, but it is rarely my pursuit.

In years past, books were often a luxury, especially when I had much younger children….spare time was difficult to find, or I should say that a book was difficult to hold.

Now, I have more pockets of time, but books are no longer an extravagance….no, they are a necessity.

I need books to breathe. Books remind me of what things were, what I aspire to be, what I should be. Books give me inspiration, rebuke, and guidance.

Books frame the rest of my living experience – I am able to see things in this world more clearly because I have read.

I listen better. I know more. I search continually.

Books are life-giving to me and so I read and will never stop.


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