about Ray {part 2}


…..I signed off from writing the previous post and munched on a few kernels of popcorn (I don’t even eat carbs but I’M NERVOUS! WHY am i nervous?!)

I decide to log in and open the email which confirms what I already know….Ray thinks I’m a lunatic.

There’s a new email!

It’s from Ray!

Ray does not, from what I gather, think I’m a lunatic. In fact, he goes on to share about his two grown children – neither of which live close but both have grown children of their own. One is coming to visit soon and will see Paulette in the home for the first time. He shared a picture of his sweet bride “in better days” and commented on how beautiful she is.

And he mentioned that he lives alone and would enjoy an occasional email from a friend.

Nothing earth-shattering, nothing monumental.

But a beginning.

And one I shall pursue – because everyone deserves a friend. Even if it’s a lunatic mom-of-3 who randomly decides to become your penpal.


…….off to email Ray……..


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