The Wednesday Afternoon Post Vol. 3


It’s raining in Southern California, and I’m listening to piano music by the window. It doesn’t rain often so when it does, it’s a real treat.

This week’s Wednesday Afternoon Post will be short, but very sweet. It’s been a long week and there are still a few days to go. I’ll be drinking more than my fair share of coffee and looking forward to a Saturday and Sunday restfully enjoying the company of family and friends. I hope you love these small pieces of joy I’m sharing today…..


  • A library, post office and town, built for one? It exists!                                             
  • The 10 most famous bookstores in the world. I’ve been to only two, but want to change that, immediately! Starting with the quaint strand of books in Whales…..
  • The oldest “message in a bottle” was found two weeks ago! 132 years old, to be exact.
  • I don’t know why this made me burst into tears, but it did. In a good way.

Happy day, my friends. Enjoy the falling water (if you’re in my neck of the woods.)

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