it’s here // christmas 2017

I should have penned something by now.

It’s 1 day from Christmas and I feel like this month has slipped through my hands, against all of my best and most hopeful efforts to produce the opposite effect. And that’s how Christmas usually appears and disappears for me – in a blur. A quick burst of warm light and it’s over. Even when I try my very hardest, there is never enough time for me to fully bask in the glory of Christmas.

I’m not sure there will ever be enough time for my rejoicing of the Christ child.

My lamenting of the time I wasted the prior year.

My pondering how I can draw in closer to the Lord, in the coming year.

I want to sit in the quiet, beautiful, awe-filled presence of He who became human.

I’ll never have enough time. No advent season is long enough. No month can give me enough time to fully celebrate in my heart, what Christ has done for me.

And so I will keep Christmas, and its spirit, all year. Every day and every moment, in my heart. I’ll keep it so I won’t have to wait for one month a year to feel that booming, heart-pounding, inspired emotion that the idea of the manger leaves me with. No calendar can confine my adoration for the One who gives me meaning, life and existence.

Christmas will be all year in my heart. The spirit will live throughout the months.

The awe never-ending.

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