Christmas came early // breaking tradition


Breaking tradition felt good and needed.

I didn’t apologize or care that I wasn’t supposed to.

After the year I’ve had, I looked at my husband last weekend and said, “Do we HAVE to wait until people leave on Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas?” To which he wisely answered, “Of course not! Let’s go get a tree right now. Who cares if it’s fake. Who cares?”

So we bucked 15 years of marital traditions. 37 years of resolute Christmas choices on my end. Real trees only. Christmas music in December only. NO talk of anything Christmas before Thanksgiving! No!

We bucked tradition and we decorated, listened to Christmas carols and sipped hot toddies on November 13th. A cardinal sin in my house.


It felt good. It felt sooo good.

And maybe no one would have cared if I did this a decade ago. Maybe I created these so-called Christmas fundamentalist people in my mind, because I myself was one (although people get really heated about the Christmas carol discussion, which is hilarious.)

I was a Christmas fundie for no good reason. It’s exhausting caring so much about non-salvation issues.

It’s good to grow up and realize. And celebrate joy when needed. And break tradition, once in awhile.

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