fourth year // thankful

My first year homeschooling was spent figuring out how I would answer the question, “But your child goes to a great private school. Why homeschool?”

My second year of homeschooling was spent thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m exhausted but this is amazing, What the heck have I done?”

My third year of homeschooling was spent thinking, “This is the hardest year of my life and maybe I’m not cut out to do this and deal with life, at the same time.”

…..but this fourth year of homeschooling has largely been spent thinking, “Thank you Lord that I stayed the course. This opportunity is incredible and I’m so grateful I’m doing this. Thank you for sustaining me.”

God knows the seasons we will encounter – they are no surprise to Him and when the tide rolls over us, before we have time to gather our belongings and RUN!…..He is there. Reminding us that He’s got us in the palm of His hand. Us and our ridiculous life circumstances. It’s comforting.


There have been times in the last four years that I have wished I had margin to breathe. Homeschooling is all-consuming (no seriously, there’s no downtime except maybe at 1:45am), and that can prove to be difficult when walking through unexpected and painful times. However, the all-consuming nature of your children being at home is also a very special (and unexpected) gift. The created family culture that I’ve witnessed is remarkable. What was once a desire to give my child a custom education and “be around them” has turned into much, much, MUCH more than that. I am seeing benefits of our learning, growing and aging together, that I never expected. Ever.

To some, homeschooling must seem like a rogue choice to stick it to the education system. Sure, there’s a bit of that. But if that’s all people think homeschooling is, they are missing so much of its rich value.

Year four is rewarding Sean and I in many ways and,





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