enchanted // charmed


When life moves at the speed of light, one can completely miss enchantment. The type of magical distraction that catches your eye and occupies your thoughts for too long – way past the point of guilty pleasure. You’re attempting to simmer soup or craft a thank you note and voila! Another charming image flashes in your mind and removes necessary tasks from your list. Your brain is a whirly gig and finding the spot you left off on is impossible (this happened to me twice today while making a grocery list.)

We’ve all been known to take a sabbatical from being charmed – some for longer than others, in a natural, yet depressing, “I’m an adult now and must put off these youthful flights of fancy” type of way. Life has been known to deal lethal blows of well, life, and we forget how to live altogether. Mundane exchanges and responsibilities are somewhat soothing, much like the ticking of an old clock, but think of what we might be missing.

The things that charm me are plenty and diverse. sometimes so plentiful that I’ll forget how dazzled I can be by normal things like postage stamps and designer dog collars. Darling door stops and the small finger nails on a toddler, reaching for a crayon. Words of an old poem that still contain modern wisdom, wet cement drawings or model ships in a glass bottle (I saw one recently -fascinating!) The curve of an old tree with a forgotten birdhouse, or the precise positioning of antique photography in a home that hasn’t had visitors in years. Nightstand books, witty tip jar signs or a fairy tale heard for the first time. Small candles in front windows or the promise of rain. Handmade dollhouse furniture, piles of old letters that have no owner but still hold memories or small pieces of taffy in wax paper. Emerging from a book only to realize you gladly lost two hours of your afternoon. Seashells half the size of a penny or the way teacups and saucers clink when they meet.

Down each street is something that catches my eye but each season allows for the amount of time I’ll spend in appreciation. There are seasons where charm is limited and grit, stone streets and drab is all I seem to see. Gladly, those seasons have been few in my life, but as I grow older I am finding them more frequent, because, let’s be honest….life can be downright painful. Amidst the pain and corkscrew turns however, there is much to be entranced by. This electric world, created with just a few words, is busting with color and small confetti-like moments, people, creations, words, things.

I’m on a hunt to find them all. Discover the hidden-in-plain-sight magic that is all around me.

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