the rich life // abundance + sanctuary


Without question, my very favorite days are those spent at home. The days where we have no commitments or errands to run. We spend the entire day reading and solving math problems, washing dishes, loading the laundry and refilling the coffee mug over and over. We have these days often and I wake up very peaceful and grateful, looking forward to what the day will hold.

This post serves no purpose at all except to share how very grateful I am for the current stage of life we are in with our children. Our home is a place of learning, refuge, gladness and sanctuary. It seems each day I hear of another national or international tragedy and I am jolted back in line – realizing I am so very blessed to have a minivan in the driveway, and my three girls sitting next to me. Some wish they had those comforts. It makes me cling to my family and prayerfully rejoice in our small life. Live in utmost gratefulness and give to others. It’s small but it’s so significant. In a year of personal upheaval, our home has been a place of joy and abundance. A year of good books, togetherness, bonding and expanding minds.

I am certain I will always look back on this particular time in our life with fondness. The light within these four walls is a sweet respite from a dark world.


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