ugly // magnificent


For every evil and ugly moment in this lifetime, there is a flash of magnificence. I believe these sparks to be much more potent, simply because they are in front of us, almost waiting to come alive. Waiting for when we desire goodness and mercy the most. We wish to be separated completely from the graveyard of heinous forces that surrounds us. Oh, the goodness and simplicity of each day, right in front of us, and so easily ignored. But in the midst of tragedy, chaos, everything sharpens into crystal-clear snapshots of beauty. Flash! We are asleep to the artistry at our fingertips and there it is, glowing and warm and it saves us, at times.

While mourning continues and tears are flowing. While our country bleeds and experiences the fracturing and breaking that has been happening for so so long. While fathers and mothers go home to quiet houses and find no voice on the other side of the phone call. While communities are wrecked with emptiness and loss and hunger. While children wait for parents and adults lay in streets, full of poison and pain and loneliness. While a young girl goes home, emptied from the inside, once again alone. While a small child runs to his room, scared. While a couple says goodbye.

While a nation loses its footing. Loses its sight.

While everything is being stripped away, day by day….

I see

A group of six grey-haired woman, sitting in a living room laughing.

Eight girls kicking a soccer ball, while the sun fades to pink.

A little toddler watching ants crawl into cracks and out of sandy holes.

An elderly couple take their morning walk, hand in hand.

The same gardener seen each morning, giving a wave to a child.

The waitress bringing an unmerited cookie to a young child, knowing the mother just needs a second of quiet.

Two kids sharing a lunch sack at the local park, laughing at what shapes the crackers make.

Local business owners come outside to fly their flag at half-staff.

Lights on at every church on the corner, bodies walking in for weekly communing.


The world around us is dying and at the same time so many moments are bursting to life.


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