old school // new school

Take a trip with me.

We’re headed down memory lane….back, back, back to the old days of blogging. When people had blog rolls and commented. They lingered long enough (on one page) to actually read the entire post. We learned about one another and made cross-continent friends. We enjoyed checking in on the daily activities of others and attended blogging conferences to finally meet someone in real life. It sounds similar to modern-day Instagram or FaceBook, but it was so much different.

I’m not sure why it was, but it was. And I enjoyed that sort of sharing. I miss it. I miss reading the thoughts of others without all of the monetization and blinking ads. All those sponsored posts make it hard to know what someone is really thinking.

I’m waxing nostalgic, I know. There’s always an element of forgetfulness when we look backwards but I still maintain that the purity of that old school platform and I suppose I’m doing my part to usher it back.

Let’s bring back the golden age of blogging, shall we?


3 Replies to “old school // new school”

  1. It’s always been my favorite. In fact, almost all of my favorite blogs are still just storytellers. Some of them occasionally take the sponsored post, or use it to promote their work from home type business, but they all seem to share the common thread of just being writers sharing their stories. It’s my favorite. I’m glad you’re working to bring that medium back.

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    1. I’m totally with you! It always was and still is my favorite platform for online communication, but alas, it’s gone the way of the dinosaur. I’m bent on bringing it back! Thanks for visiting and commenting – it’s like the good old days!


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